I've always been a Trace Adkins fans.  I remember meeting him in Nashville at a private party at a time when he released his first hit, 'This Ain't No Thinkin' Thing' to country radio.  He had a big handshake and was very tall.  I remember thinking, this guy should be in movies.  Hollywood must have been listening.

After co-starring in a number of films, The Virginian marks Trace's first starring role on the big screen.  Seeing him in the new DVD version, I believe this guy lived in the old West.  He's that good.

You can tell Trace is very comfortable in the role as South, aka "The Virginian," and seems to play well off his co-stars, Brendan Penny (Ring of Fire) and Ron Perlman (TV's "Sons of Anarchy").  The movie is gritty and entertaining.  In all, a great remake of a classic western that has had many incarnations.

Based on Owen Wister's 1902 classic novel, Gary Cooper starred in the 1929 classic by the same name, followed by a long running TV series, that ran on NBC for nine seasons from 1962-1971.

The movie tells the story of a tall dark stranger and enforcer (Adkins) for a cattle baron (Perlman) in Wyoming, who took him in after his parents were killed.  Set against the backdrop of the Old West, the story of The Virginian's past unfolds with a good helping of corruption, deception and plenty of gunplay.  The movie is packed with rustlers, romance and revenge.

Hollywood seems to finally be realizing that the Western movie genre is missed by movie goers.

If you love westerns as much as I do, I highly recommend The Virginian, starring Grammy winner Trace Adkins and Golden Globe winner Ron Perlman.

The Virginian is available January 7th on DVD and Bu-ray disc.  As a bonus, both versions include some excellent behind the scenes footage.  The film will also be available digitally everywhere.

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Here's a little preview of The Virginian: