Sometimes when I have the time, I like to pick the longest checkout line at the grocery store, so I can catch up on "the dirt" with my favorite celebrities. The National Enquirer, Star, US and my favorite, The Globe, are always entertaining reads.

In case you missed the big news that Brian Williams mysteriously ignored, here's what you may need to know heading into the weekend...

From The Globe:  Jack Klugman took a secret with him to the grave, Pregnant Kate Middleton has walked out on the Royals after a nasty fight with evil Camilla.

The National Enquirer reports:  Chelsea Clinton has a pregnancy secret, Khloe Kardashian has plans to free O.J. from prison, Kelly Ripa is 96 pounds.

And Star reports:  Janet Jackson has a $1 billion pre-nup with an Arab prince, Eddie Cibrian is burning through LeAnn Rimes' money.

Nobody believes this stuff, do they?  Or do they?  Scary.