Some people have been asking me about Suzie, Tara's Elf on the Shelf. She has definitely relaxed from last year and is acting more like our family. She came back by relaxing in her Suzie Sauna. She's been caught sipping syrup with the snowman. If you're saying, What is Elf on the Shelf, then go here.

On Sunday, she didn't want Dawn to do the dishes, so she showed up on the sink convenient. Yesterday Riley was not happy with Suzie. I was going to take her chocolates to work to sell but Suzie had other plans...She better have paid for that candy bar.

Here's something else that I just found out. Elf on the Shelf's have sayings. Here are the top 5.

5) Darn it, I can't reach that either.

4) Wouldn't it be awesome if we could buy something that wasn't in the kids section?

3) There is no "I" in Elf on the Shelf.

2) Your honor, it was Elf defense.

1) Be true to thine own elf.

We love having Suzie back.  I also heard that there is a Birthday Elf on the Shelf......Shhh, let's get through Christmas first.