You knew it would happen sooner of later.  The familiar 3 "H" forecast of hazy, hot and humid weather has arrived in the Greater Binghamton area.  According to Meteorologist Greg Pollak, it's sun and temperatures in the 90's all week with heat index readings reaching the upper 90's to around 100 on Wednesday.

It's important to be prepared and not take the heat for granted.  Keep an eye on elderly friends and family, keep your pets out of the hottest heat with lots of water and avoid any excessive outdoor activities or sports, especially in the 10-2 heat of the day.  A good opportunity to kick back and listen to me on 98.1 the Hawk.  Shameless plug I know!

Here are 5 things you can do right now to avoid any dangers:

  1. Wear loose-fitting cotton clothing, preferably of a light color.
  2. Chill out.  Fill a dollar store spray bottle with water and keep water stocked in the refrigerator. Keep a plastic bottle of water in the freezer and when it's time to go outside, take one along to keep your temperature cool.  Then enjoy the water as the ice melts.  Avoid caffeine and alcohol, as these will cause dehydration.
  3. If you're wearing a hat or baseball cap, pour a bit of ice cold water into the hat, then slap it back on your head.
  4. Find the air.  You know what will and won't be air-conditioned.  Malls, movie theatres, the library and other public space can keep your body temperature cool.
  5. This is a good time to try a cold shower.

The good news is, temperatures are expected to be more comfortable by the weekend.  Possibly 15-20 degrees cooler.  Enjoy!