It's infuriating when your BOSS screws up.  If YOU messed up that bad, you'd be worried about your job security and would apologize profusely for MONTHS . . . your boss just pretends it never happened.

And according to a new survey, employees and bosses REALLY disagree on how often they apologize.

Only 5% of employees say their boss always apologizes . . . but 49% of BOSSES say they always apologize.  On the flip side, 50% of employees say their boss rarely or never apologizes . . . only 2% of bosses think they rarely or never apologize.

The survey also asked bosses the reasons why they might not apologize.  Here are the top five . . .

51% are afraid of looking incompetent.

18% are afraid of looking weak.

18% say it's, quote, "not necessary."

7% say, quote, "I'm the boss, I shouldn't have to."

And 6% say it didn't make sense to apologize in the situation.