The Holidays are coming on a swift sleigh and we can now effectively use the "Santa is watching you!!" threat to get the kiddos to behave. Somewhere inside... you know that statement was a horrible example from an adult. If you are a kid... Santa is totally watching you read this... COAL! Now get to bed!

A new survey found the top 10 LIES parents tell their kids.  Check 'em out . . .

1.  "Santa Claus is watching."

2.  "We'll see."

3.  "We're almost there."

4.  "We'll come back another time."

5.  "Carrots help improve your eyesight."

6.  "I always know when you're lying."

7.  "We can come back and buy that toy next time."

8.  "I didn't bring my purse with me today."

9.  "If you keep making that face, it will freeze like that."

10.  "Your pet went to live on a farm out in the country."

[Via: Daily Mail]