We all try to keep our house, car and workplace clean but as much as we work at it, there are some things you just don't think about being a germ magnet.  Not everything requires harsh toxic over-priced store cleaners.  With this list, all you will need is a vacuum, bleach, vinegar, water, a couple of dollar store spray bottles, disinfectant wipes, some good country tunes from the Hawk and maybe 30 minutes out of your day.

Here is the top 10 most dirty, dusty and germy places in your house and how to clean them:

1) Electronics - wipe down your ipad, cell phone, e-reader with disinfectant wipes.  To clean screens, Scott's Liquid Gold makes a product called Screen Clean, that's excellent.  I picked mine up at Price Chopper but it's also available on their web site.

2)  Credit Cards - disinfectant wipes

3)  Toothbrush holders - 1 part bleach to 3 parts water solution in a spray bottle

4)  The bottom of throw rugs - vacuum

5)  Tops of large appliances - dust first and follow with bleach solution (or all purpose cleaner)

6)  Ceiling fans - dust followed by bleach and water or vinegar and water solution

7)  Toilet roll holders -  bleach and water solution works best

8)  Box springs - vacuum

9)  Light switches - all purpose cleaner

10)  Salt and pepper shakers - empty, place in dish washer or use disinfectant wipes