Today is the 7th Annual World Sleep Day. The members of the World Association of Sleep Medicine and the World Sleep Day Committee tell us the importance of getting enough sleep.....Really. Here's my thoughts to help you sleep.

5) Do something dull before retiring. A little boredom goes a long way toward promoting sleep. That must be why the wife is always fast asleep when I go to bed.

4) Keep the bedroom dark. Light interferes with sleep. So that's why the wife has it so dark in there. However that doesn't explain why she calls me "Juan."

3) Keep the bedroom cool and the bed warm. That's what I'm doing wrong, it's been the other way around.

2) Drink milk before bedtime. Milk contains substance that relax the body.  My problem is that the Oreo cookie crumbs keep waking me up.

1) Use your bed for only one thing: sleep.  Oh sure, she follows that rule.

One thing is for sure...Reading this has made me very sleepy. Also if the wife reads this story, I'll be sleeping....cuz she'll knock me out.  I guess I better make sure the doghouse is warm.