Let's face it, a lot of people look at History as just a bunch of dates they had to memorize in high school. Once they get out of school, that knowledge becomes, well, history. For example, a 2011 Marist Poll revealed that only one in four Americans knew from which country the United States declared its independence. (Some of the answers included Japan, China, and Mexico!) But have no fear! Your knowledge of history can be restored. Just take this daily history quiz and before you know it you'll be on Jeopardy kicking some serious nerd butt.* Here's today's history quiz for November 13th.

*Results not guaranteed.


On this day in 1775 American revolutionary forces captured the city of Montreal. They then:

a) Planted an American flag.

b) Sang patriotic songs.

c) Abruptly left after realizing the city was full of French people.