Toby Keith is mourning the loss of his close friend and band member, Carl "Chuck" Goff Jr., who was killed in a car accident last week in Oklahoma. Goff was Toby's bass player of 25 years and band leader.

After attending Goff's funeral, Toby took to  Facebook and Twitter to pay homage saying:

The Chuck Goff Family, along with our music family, gathered today to send our boy home. The overwhelming amount of Chuckie stories and condolences received in the past few days, are examples of how much he meant to us all. He will live on forever in memory It will never be the same when I look to my left on stage. But it's a much better world than never knowing him at all. Godspeed Chuck....RIP

Goff co-wrote two of Keith's hits, "Upstairs Downtown" and "You Ain't Much Fun," both of which are from Keith's 1994 album, Boomtown.