Tim McGraw is coming to the Dicks Sporting Goods Open on Friday, August 16th.  So what can we expect from Tim that night?  This is Tim's take.

He's been touring for so long throughout his country music career, it’s like second nature to him. However, like any artist, he wants to give his all on every single tour, and Tim tells us what to expect with this summer’s run.

McGraw tells GAC that his tour will put lots of his new material in the spotlight, explaining, “I think we’re playing more new songs than we ever have on this tour. We’ve always tried to introduce new material, but this time we’ve got six or seven new ones off the new album.”

Although some country stars rely on big productions or jaw-dropping effects, this performer is focusing on the most important aspect of a concert: the music. “I’ve never been a big gag person in a show anyway, so we don’t have a ton of those big cool things that happen all the time,” he says.

“There’s gonna be some great stuff going on, on the stage,” the superstar adds. “For me the first thing is how it sounds, and it’s just gonna sound smokin’. I mean, the band just really sounds great.”

Whether McGraw plays his older hits such as ‘Down On The Farm’ or newer songs like ‘Truck Yeah,’ you can be sure fans will be pleased with every aspect of the show, and it will be 'One of those Nights' that you just won’t forget.  Hope you have your tickets.