This is the story of Quinn Woodward Pu, a writer and blogger and is a is a cautionary tale about why you should never dump someone via text message.


Quinn had gone on a couple of dates with a guy she met in a bar when she decided to invite him to her 26th birthday.  She was unpleasantly surprised when she received a text saying that although he’d enjoyed their dates, he was “in a state of flux” and “not really looking for a relationship.” He apologized for being “a downer” right before her birthday and assured her she’d find someone new since she is so “funny, smart and cool.”


To say Quinn was offended is an understatement-  on her blog she wrote, “I was stunned into paralysis.”  


Once she got over her shock, she crafted the scathing comeback text message heard ‘round the internet, in which she slays the guy with sarcasm and calls him “a female-infantilizing, self-aggrandizing disaster.”


Turns out this text breakup hasn’t been all that bad for Quinn, Her blog is getting more attention than ever and sales of her books are up.  She also exacted further revenge- by taking screenshots of the “taxpayer-funded sexts from his agency blackberry” and sending them to his bosses.

Huffington Post