This Sunday is Easter.  The Easter Bunny will be coming to your place and could be leaving behind a Chocolate Bunny to eat.  But oh, what is the proper way to eat it?  Here's the Glenn Pitcher Plan.

The Bunny is in the box, so gently remove it.  Then Eye it up.  In other words consume it with your eyes and think about what part you're going to eat first.  Now that your mentally prepared, take a bite from the selected part or area. Repeat until you're full or the part is gone.

Next step, Put it away until you want to eat some more, then proceed to eat again.  Repeat those steps until the bunny is gone.  If you want bunny to last longer you may want to freeze before eating it. 

A couple of tips for you:  Don't name the bunny before eating it. If you name it Bugs, then you may feel guilty eating it.  However if you don't want to eat the whole thing, then naming it may be the best thing for you.

It's suggested that you don't eat the eyes unless it's made of chocolate because it could hurt your teeth.  If you do eat the eyes, I suggest that you don't yell out "Stop staring at me."  I hope this helps your Chocolate Bunny experience.  If all else fails, just drop off at 59 Court Street, Binghamton c/o Glenn and I'll make sure it finds a good "home."