Getty images/Jeff Mitchell

Deer season begins on Saturday in New York.  It's the time of year when wives become deer widows, to go along with being a football widow.  One of the problems that can arise is the question, what time are you going to be home.  I know for me it has to do with golf season but that's another story for another day (hopefully by then, she'll forget).

When your spouse (I say spouse because it could be the wife that is going out and not you,,,,,I know I'm laughing at that too), asks when you're going to be back, figure the end of the legal shooting time plus 45 minutes and that's when you'll be home.  Field and Stream says (and they would know better than I would), many hunters run into trouble with their spouse because they pick an unreasonable early return time to minimize the time of being gone all day.  They say when you pick a time, it becomes a deadline in the mind of your other half (or better half because you've been gone all day) and into the dog house you go.

They say pick a reasonable time to get home.  Of course, you can always use the excuse that you hit your deer with 10 minutes of light left and that you've been tracking it for as long as you could (even though we never seem to find it).  I tried the "I've been tracking excuse" once during golf season,  needless to say it wasn't believed (although in that case the golf ball was found).  Field and Stream recommends that you give yourself a little wiggle room and your experience will be more enjoyable, or do what I do and just put cable in the doghouse.