Before I watched this video, I wasn't entirely convinced that there was much of a market for a tricked-out cooler. Personally, I thought that adding wheels to the darn things was the best change they could have made to the original design.

But get this: Inventor Ryan Grepper started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $50,000 in funds to get his idea for the Coolest Cooler off the ground, and to date he has raised more than $7.5 million for the project.

Okay, so that seems a little excessive, right? Honestly, how cool could a cooler be?

Well, maybe a chargeable blender, removable divider, cutting board, waterproof speaker with Bluetooth, USB charging station, storage for plates and utensils, and a bottle opener will convince you that this cooler could possibly change your life.

There are also wheels on it too, and they’re actually bigger and better than anything you’ve ever seen on the likes of a cooler.

The “Coolest” isn’t yet in production, but if you’re willing to invest $185, you’ll be a guaranteed owner of one of these souped-up beauties come next February. And for those who just can’t wait, you can donate $2,000 or more to the cause and Grepper will give you a chance to own the Coolest for a day at the beach.

Eight people have taken him up on the offer so far, are you next?