The big game is today.  Jim and John Harbaugh are the first brothers to coach against each other in the game.  We know that but did you know this about the brothers?

Jim has played against some of the players in today's game.  Ray Lewis, who is playing his final game today, had his first sack on Jim.  Jim is an actor....sort of.  When he was playing in the NFL, he made a cameo playing Screech's cousin.  It wasn't much of a role and it wasn't even the original "Saved by the Bell."  It was "Saved by the Bell: The New Class, but that's one more role then I've had on a TV show.

Jim has a big family. Two wives (not at the same time) with 6 kids.  John is a small family guy with one wife and one daughter. Jim was a QB for many teams including Baltimore, the team his brother now coaches.  Both have coached in college.  In fact their dad, Jack, coached for a little while at Stanford, where Jim would later coach.

If you're wondering, they are 15 months apart and John is the oldest.  This isn't the first time that they've gone head to head.  In 2011, they coached against each other on another special day.  It was Thanksgiving Day, John and the Baltimore Ravens won 16-6. However, I think Jim will let John have that victory if he can have the one today (remember as kids, that we are taught to share after all.)

Finally, Jim and John once dated the Olsen Twins but it became too confusing.....ok, I made that up, but I had you for a moment.