I have to be honest.  Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays.  Growing up in Binghamton, it was never my favorite thing to dress up and try to be somebody else for the day...or night.  I did it sure, but never loved it.

Don't get me wrong, my brother and sisters all loved Halloween.  While I always liked the candy part of it, I never quite saw the appeal of putting a mask on my face.  I guess that's why I had braces on my teeth, not once but twice before I was 16.

I live in the country and I don't think I've ever had a trick or treater (that I don't know personally) ring my doorbell.

But what I think about on Halloween night are friends and family (my Mom who always dressed us kids up) that are no longer with me.  I have some terrific memories of sharing Halloween with these people so memories are awesome.  I've been to some pretty fun Halloween parties.

I also think about the stray animals roaming around on Halloween night when it starts to get cold out.  I pray for their safety and the safety of every child that they return home safely.  Halloween can be fun but it's also a night when the nut cases come out to play.

So what I am saying is, Halloween can be fun for many but when all the candy is gone, I look forward to life returning to a more normal pace.  Happy Halloween to you!  Be safe.