Did you watch The Voice last night on NBC 5? I hope you did because it could get you a trip for 2 to see the "voice" of Las Vegas, Shaina Twain in November. How, Here's how.At 8:30 this morning, we'll be asking 2 questions from The Voice.  If you get both questions right, you'll win a 3 day, 2 night trip for 2 including airfare, 2 night stay at Caesars Palace, 2 tickets to see Shania Twain on November 3rd and 200 dollars spending cash.

Here's some hints to the questions we'll be asking.  Hint 1: One question has something to do with the first 15 minutes of the show.  Hint 2: Somehow Blake is involved in the 2nd question.

If you forgot to watch or tape it, then call a friend. Ask them about the first 15 minutes and talk about Blake.  Offer to make a pact with them....When it's time to call, both of you try and get through. Then agree that if either of you wins, that you'll take the other to Las Vegas in November.

Good luck to Team Blake. I thought Day 1 was a little weak for him. He tried but the best voices, in my opinion, went to Christina. By the way, Day 2 of The Voice is tonight at 8pm on NBC 5. Also did you see the new show "Blacklist" last night starring James Spader?  What did you think?