I wanted to address this straight out of the gate. I have heard from a few of my beloved listeners(That's you!! Beloved!)that a rumor has been going around that I'm fake. That i'm not really the Rich Birdsall on the radio or some bunch of crap that someone made up. So... I wanted to take a few moments to clear that all out.

I am not fake. I don't even know how to do it! The whole "be a fraud" thing. I am an open book, any of you have spent more than 10 minutes near me probably know more than you should about me! HAHA, but that's just me.

So. Here's my story:

I was born and raised in Binghamton NY. On Carmichael Road! Son of Raichard A. Birdsall and Kathleen F. Birdsall. I attended Chenango Valley High School and my parents both worked at Chenango Valley as well! Yes my parents dealt with the onslaught of teachers bringing live reports of young, but still not so little  Rich Birdsall to them on a daily basis...

I've done many jobs as a young adult. I've tossed pizzas in Hillcrest, Worked at a couple of Plumbing, Heating and A/C companies, been a mechanic at a small dealership on Upper Front Street, Magic Carwash, Security at The Oakdale Mall, honed my communication skills at telemarketing, worked every quick oil change joint in the Southern Tier and unloaded trucks at Walmart amongeven more jobs that I've lost memory of in the years past.

I began working in the Hawk Studio in September of 2001 when a good friend of mine (Tim Skinner/TJ McClaine) asked me to help out with a part time position spinning 4 CD's an hour to air The American Country Countdown with Bob Kingsley. After awhile I received my own weekend time slot and landed the night jock position on 99.1 The Whale. I eventually came back to The Hawk as a full time night jock and remained there with time slot advances and join you every afternoon from 3pm -7pm.

I now work in the mornings at SUNY Broome Community College in the Marketing and Communications Department and own my own business while doing the afternoon Radio gig. So I stay busy. Really busy. So some days I may be tired, or annoyed but please remember I love you... all of my listeners! You are the reason I crack open that microphone on a daily basis. I do many benefits a year to give back to the community that is so generous and welcoming with open arms. I love the Southern Tier, always will.

Some of the things I believe in:

No matter what your situation, how good or bad your doing there is always a shimmering light that can be found inside of everyone. You can usually be shined upon by this light by giving them respect and kindness. Try it out!

Pay It Forward
Maybe you bought the  person behind you coffee, or bought a friend in need a car. Those things brighten the spirit of individuals, making them want others to feel the same way! Share the love y'all!

Making Your Own Story
So many times have I heard, "His/Her upbringing was terrible, that's why they act the way they do." Not true, you can CHOOSE to make your own story. Work hard at whatever the H. E. double hockey sticks you can to get yourself to a place YOU want to be in. Your past DOES NOT define you, your actions do.

Common Humanity
Help when you can, feel the pain of others and weaken it however you can. I keep a tow rope in my truck to help winter drivers out of snow banks, I change tires that aren't my own, I bring chocolates to the broken hearted on Valentine's Day and hug those that need a hug. Take care of your peers. You don't realize how much they need you.

I hope I have explained to you a little more about the voice you hear on the radio. The restroom is calling my name, but I want to end this by saying that tomorrow I will take questions if you want to know anything about me on my Facebook page!! Let's keep it clean because I know you are like me sometimes, with a funny dirty mind. But I will answer you honestly! I'll post "Open Question Time with Rich Birdsall" and wait for the comments!

Oh and by the way... The cowboy hat I wear is for a few reasons... First, I work at a country radio station, second... it covers up my bald spot REALLY well! haha.