Cars are getting more and more wicked awesome features . . . like rear view cameras and full-on computer systems in their dashboards. My truck is a 2005 and i noticed I don't have a radio antenna!! It's embedded in my window! I digress... According to "Fortune" magazine, they're also LOSING a lot of stuff that we always assumed we'd need:

1. Keys. Cars with keyless entry and "start" buttons are beginning to dominate the market.

2. Crank windows. Unless it's the cheapest one on the lot, pretty much any new car has automatic windows now.

3. Long antennas. They've been replaced by shorter, more compact antennas that can also handle GPS and telephone signals.

4. Manual transmissions. They'll never go away all together. But more people are buying automatics because the price difference isn't as big as it used to be.

5. Emergency brakes. They're being replaced by an electronic feature called "hill hold," which automatically sets a brake when you're stopped on a hill, then releases it when you touch the gas.