USA Today did something that brought back all kinds of memories for me. They released a list of the top 25 big game ads of the past 24 years and I remembered every one on the list. Now I feel old.

Each ad was determined by something that sounds incredibly fancy: their "Ad Meter" system which apparently is a "real-time consumer ranking of big game commercials." Take a peek and see how many of these you remember. It’s like a walk down memory lane.

The number one commercial went to McDonald for their 1993 ad where Michael Jordan and Larry Bird played a crazy game of horse for a Big Mac.

The runner-up also starred Michael Jordan. It was the Nike commercial from 1992, where Michael played basketball with Bugs Bunny. Rumor has it this commercial planted the seed for the idea of “Space Jam,” which came out four years later.

Here are the rest of the winners of the greatest big game ads of all time:

3. Pepsi 1996: A Coke delivery man is caught on a store security video trying to steal a can of Pepsi from a cooler.

4. Bud Light 2001: Cedric the Entertainer's hot date is ruined when he accidentally shakes beer bottles that then explode all over his lady friend.

5. Pepsi 1995: A boy tries to drink the last drop of Pepsi with a straw, sucking so hard that he's pulled through the straw and into the bottle.

6. Nike 1990: Sports announcers report on stars like as Bo Jackson and Michael Jordan, while on-screen messages from sponsor Nike says "Buy Nike Shoes."

7. Bud Light 2003: A parody of the NFL's video review policy with a real zebra checking the instant replay while a group of football-playing horses wait. One man in the ad says "That referee's a jackass."

Diet Pepsi 1991: A tuxedo wearing Ray Charles sings "you've got the right one baby."

9. Budweiser 1999: Two Dalmatian puppies are separated at birth. One becomes the mascot of a firehouse while the other becomes mascot of a Budweiser wagon.

10. Budweiser 2008: A takeoff on the film Rocky, in which a Clydesdale is inspired by a canine personal trainer to become a member of the Budweiser beer wagon hitch team.

11. Pepsi 1994: Two chimps are given either Coke or Pepsi to drink in a lab experiment. The one that drinks Pepsi busts free and enjoys the good life.

12. Bud Light 2002: A woman uses a beer to entice her man into bed. But he slides on the satin sheets and flies out the window.

Snickers 2010: Two guys playing football are portrayed as actors Betty White and Abe Vigoda. Turns out all they need was a Snickers for energy to play like the men they are instead of old people.

14. Pepsi 1997: Computer-animated grizzly bears head into a small town to do their annual rite: a Pepsi-inspired version of the YMCA dance.

15. Doritos 2012: A dog uses a bag of Doritos to bribe a man to keep quiet after that man becomes suspicious about the dog's cat-killing ways.

16. Bud Light 2011: A man house-sitting for a friend gets that friend’s very intelligent dogs to serve up Bud Light during a house party.

17. Budweiser 2000: A dog actor needs to draw inspiration to cry in one scene. So he thinks about chasing a Budweiser truck, and then accidentally jumping head-first onto a minivan.

18. Bud Light 2006: To keep guests from drinking his beer, a guy installs a refrigerator on a turntable so it can easily disappear. But once that fridge rotates, it ends up in the apartment next door, much to the excitement of the residents.

19. Pepsi 1998: A skysurfing man does extreme aerial tricks with an equally impressive goose.

20. Bud Light 2005: A skydiver tries to entice his frightened fellow skydiver into jumping out of a plane by throwing a pack of Bud Light out first. But it's the pilot who jumps out after the brew.

21. Doritos 2009: An office worker uses a snow globe "crystal ball" to make predictions saying everyone will get free Doritos, and then throws the ball into the glass of a Doritos vending machine to break it open for everyone.

22. Bud Light 2004: Two men compare the skill levels of their dogs in terms of fetching beer.

23. Doritos 2011: A mean-spirited man uses Doritos to entice a dog to run into a glass-plate door. The dog gets the last laugh when the door falls on top of his tormentor.

24. American Express 1989: Comedians Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz head to Miami for the big game where they find out that AmEx is the only credit card that will let them buy any big-ticket items.

25. Budweiser 2007: A group of computer-animated crabs worship a cooler full of beer.