Wagon Wheel is one of my favorite songs ever. It's got a contagious quality that makes it one of the biggest earworms I've ever had. Darius Rucker recognized it's appeal and smartly recorded it.

What you may not know is the way the song was created and built upon. It didn't have a typical song birth.

Bob Dylan wrote and recorded the demo of the song for his Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid sessions. He never did finish what he called Rock Me Mama. Ketch Secor of the group Old Crow Medicine Show heard it at age 17 and after awhile, he fleshed out the song and it became Wagon Wheel.

Old Crow Medicine Show recorded the song and played it in live shows.The song was kicked around by other artists and then Darius Rucker got his hands on it after singing it live with Old Crow Medicine Show. It seems the fans that saw the performance reacted so well it was a no brainer to record it. Done deal. Big hit.

Personally, it was a great move. And now you know that a Dylan song went number 1 in Country.

Here are the 3 versions that show Wagon Wheel's evolution.