This is it, friends. We're in the last few days of 2015 and time is running out for you to make up your mind what your New Year's resolution is going to be. If you're thinking that working toward a new career is in the future for 2016, you might want to peek at these jobs.

According to Monster, these are the best-paying, most-in-demand jobs. The people in them have a lower unemployment rate than average, and more job opportunities should open up in the next few years.  Obviously you won't be able to go out and get any of these jobs if you aren't qualified. But becoming qualified might not be a bad idea.

  • 1

    Certified Financial Planner

    There's been a surge in the industry because of the economy. With a bachelor's degree, certification, and a few years experience, a financial planner can make around $90,000 a year.

  • 2

    Biomedical Engineer

    You need a bachelor's degree that's heavy in physics, biology, math, and engineering. But according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it's expected to be the fastest-growing job between now and 2018. After five to seven years of experience, the median salary is just over $81,000.

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    Marketing Consultant

    Some are self-employed, some work at ad firms, and some work in marketing departments for corporations. Most only have a bachelor's degree, and after five years of experience, the median salary is more than $87,000.

  • 4

    Physician Assistant

    They usually have a master's degree, and you have to get licensed. But once you do, you can expect to make around $92,000 a year.

  • 5

    IT Security Consultant

    They do things like securing Wi-Fi networks and encrypting hard drives for businesses. The median annual income after five-to-seven years of experience is just under $100,000.

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    It's the job Edward Norton's character has in "Fight Club". An actuary works for an insurance company, and calculates the odds of different disasters, like house fires and hurricanes. Then the insurance company uses that information to set their rates. You need a bachelor's degree, and have to get certified. But after five years of experience, you can expect to make around $140,000 a year.