Glenn and I have come up with a new term that we call "the Rodney Atkins effect."  What does that mean?  Glad you asked!

Last night Glenn and I were at the Harford Fair to introduce Rodney Atkins and about 45 minutes before showtime, the sky broke open and let out a monsoon. There was wind and thunder and lightening and lots and lots of mud. But not even a flash storm could stop Rodney from taking the stage, which he did about an hour later than expected and the show was nothing less than spectacular.

The reason we've come up with "the Rodney Atkins effect" is because it seems like the growing trend is that when Rodney is scheduled to play an outdoor concert, the sky opens up and the rains fall.

Last Saturday, Rodney was scheduled to perform at the Second Annual SEC BeachFest in Gulf Shores, Alabama, but heavy rains rolled in and the show was forced to move inside to a smaller venue.