There is a lot of things going on with the Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park including new adventures with the River Otter pups.They are having a swimmingly good time as they begin to explore their outdoor exhibit.

Arya, Edgar, and Ottawa have adjusted well as they begin to grow and learn about their outdoor exhibit. They have been able to go outside for a week now with Elaine (that's their mom) and start testing the water.

They have been following mom around to learn common otter behavior along with lessons on how to swim. Otters are not born with swimming instincts, so it must be taught by Elaine within the first months after they’re born.

The pups will have access to their outdoor exhibit from 10-1 every day. If they are inside, you can see them on the monitor of the first floor of the Woodland Waters building.

Don’t forget to check out the daily otter lunch and keeper talk with Leroy at 1:00pm. Learn more about their diets, natural habitats, behaviors, and more with a keeper. Then ask questions and get an update of the otter pups.

This is National Flag Week and Saturday is National Flag Day. The Binghamton Zoo is doing something special, check it out here. Looking for a place to take Dad on Father's Day.  You can take him to the Zoo for free.

To see everything that's happening at the Zoo including the Ice Cream Safari in July, go here.