The election day is today, so get out and vote today.  The polls are open til 9 in NY and 8 in Pennsylvania.  All kinds of experts are weighing on who will win and why

Getty Sports/Al Bello

.  There are many places to turn to, to see if your candidate has a chance of winning.

If your a Romney fan, then you'll want to check out the "Redskins Rule."  The Washington Redskins have been predicting the winner of the US Presidential election since 1940.  It works like this, If the Redskins win the week before the election, the incumbent wins.  If the Redskins lose (which they do a lot), the challenger wins the election and takes over the office.  I have no idea what happens if it's two new candidates but that doesn't apply here, so why did I bring it up.  I just thought of it and was curious.

Well, the Redskins lost to Carolina 21-13 on Sunday.  So according to the Redskins Rule that means Mitt Romney will win today.  If you're wondering how accurate it is.  It's more accurate then Puxatawney Phil, Jimmy the Greek (there's a name from the past) and Baltimore Bill, the weather-predicting crab combined.  The rule has worked every time since 1940, except for the 2004 election, when the Redskins lost and George W Bush was re-elected.

So get out and vote today and tomorrow we'll see if the Redskins rule is alive......Unless there is a recount of course.