Getty/Alex Trautwig

We now know why the NY Yankees lost in the playoffs again this year.  It's not Alex Rodriguez, Nick Swisher (who never seems to play well in the playoffs) or Derek Jeter getting hurt.  No, It's Governor Cuomos fault.

It's not just Andrew Cuomos fault, but his dad, Mario as well.  The writers from New York Daily News have noticed that when a Cuomo is in office, that they have never won it all.  They suggested that it might be a hex, you know with Halloween just around the corner.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has spoken out on the hot topic of the Yankee post season failures. He said it's not a hex, but the Yankees not playing well in the playoffs is the true  Yankee curse. So Governor Cuomo had better hope the Yankees win the World Series soon or his next opponent will have a platform to run on when he runs for re-election. "Vote for me or the Yankees won't win the World Series."