Congratulations to my friend, Ron Hills. He's been a part of the Race Report for over 30 years and it's reached a milestone as it moves to prime time on Fox 40.

The Race Report will air on Thursday at 10:35pm and re-run Saturday morning at 10:30 on WBPN (MY-8.) For those who don't know the Race Report, it was the idea of Oswego Speedway voice Roy Sova, who was the Station Manager of WMGC-TV in Binghamton at the time.

According to Ron, “Roy talked about his vision for a weekly television program that gave credit to the “weekend warriors” who work, sweat, and spend to be the best at their local speedway.”  33 years later, the Race Report is still going strong.

The season is coming to an end but some big events are still ahead including Shangri-la 2's Fall Brawl... Super D.I.R.T. Week 42... Penn Can's “King of the Can”. The Race Report will broadcast till Thanksgiving Day. To find out more about the Race Report go here.

I want to thank Ron. I was one of the voices for a couple of years at Thunder Mountain Speedway. He was one of the people who helped me out when I was getting my feet wet. I had questions and he would help with the answers. He even let me be a reporter for the Race Report as well.  That was a big thrill for me so Ron thank you again.