My sister Michelle, my daughter Tara and I have the same birthday so we all went out to dinner Sunday to celebrate. Tara collects nutcrackers, she has over ten of them and they are all different sizes and my parents gave her a mini one. She had so much fun with it, crushing croutons in the nutcracker’s mouth, she combed one side of the head and messed up the other side and said this is what it looks like when it wakes up in the morning. 

She walked over to my brother in law with the nutcracker and asked him if she could “crack his nuts.”  He said “mine were cracked 24 years ago. “   Ironically enough that's when he married my sister.  Tara asked why we were laughing so, as we all tried to stifle our giggles and tears. I tried to come with up with a lame" he's been cracked all of his life" excuse. She seemed to buy it.

It wasn't

Photo by Traci Taylor

 exactly the Nutcracker Ballet but there was a lot of dancing around the answer. So no nuts were cracked but laughter for all and we all had a merry birthday.