If you heard Glenn and myself chatting about the release of the new iPhone 5 today you probably were wondering about the phone in a little more detail. Aside from our banter and my general distaste for the cultist attitude some people have over Apple products, I took a minute to read up and see what people who have their hands on the device have been saying. So here's what I've found:

It's thinner and has a larger screen. So large that you will actually have room for another row of icons. That's five rows instead of the usual four rows. The screen is capable of showing 16:9 video, which is cool for streaming those data plan killing Netflix videos on the phone, which is now faster! The phone contains the same processor that is in your new iPad. For better wireless signal Apple has placed glass on the top and bottom of the phone. BUY A CASE FOR YOUR NEW IPHONE!! (Remember the last touch screen you broke?) It has 4G LTE making data use really fast, but if you live in Binghamton you currently have only one carrier to choose from. The iPhone 5 also boasts "wideband audio" for phone calls making the phone sound like your FM radio does to your friend on the other end. Which would be great for us radio folk bumping up the sound quality of a call in for broadcast. HOWEVER!! That means your carrier would have to upgrade their equipment to host such an animal. None of our current U.S. companies are planning to do that.

The fly in the iPhone users soup is going to be the connector. The 30 pin charging and syncing port your used to has been replaced with a 9 pin port Apple calls "Lightning". This makes every accessory you've ever bought for your little gadget friend USELESS after you upgrade. I did see ramblings on the web that Apple might be planning to make a retro fit adapter, $30 for a flat one and around $40 for a six inch corded one. OK cool, but now you've lost that sleek smooth feel you've always had with your devices. Your iPad and iPod still have the 30 pin right? Hmph. Now your brand new $600 iPhone cannot plug into your car adapter, the hotel alarm clock, the cool little boombox you bought... Sheesh.

The iPhone 5 will be in the hands of Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint on the speculative date of Sept 21st.

Like I said this morning, I'll be sticking to my Samsung Galaxy SIII.