Even when it comes to telling your closest friends, there are just some secrets and thoughts you would never consider sharing with anyone – at least not anyone you know.

There's a book that I have doubles of at home because I like it so much. Frank Warren embraced our need for anonymity when he started the PostSecret initiative in 2005, inviting people from around the world to send him their secrets on postcards that quickly became thousands of miniature art pieces displayed on his website and in books (of which I have doubles). Followers of the website find consolation in their ability to relate to the anonymous postings while those who send in their secrets to Warren are given a unique outlet for their worries.

Almost ten years later and our usage of social media allows for a new form of anonymity, our real identities hidden behind a username and our opinions freed by the comfort of our keyboards. Taking advantage of this new reliance on technology and the ease of use provided by our phones, the Whisper app gives you the freedom to confess your secret anonymously from your phone.

Users of the app can post their secret to be read by people from around the world scrolling through their Whisper feeds or to a more narrow audience using more personalized location settings.

Other users can even message you after reading your secrets, but to us the best part about the Whisper app is that we can say whatever is on our minds without having to deal with the judgment of others.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that’s how real life secret-telling worked?