Well we got our first big storm of the year and I actually was excited. I wanted to try out the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES from Matthews Mitsubishi in the storm. I was very pleased with the result.

I've talked before about how I was impressed with the way it handled.  I was in Syracuse on Saturday. There was snow and sleet between Cuse and Cortland. I went by 3 accidents with about 8 cars involved. The way the Outlander gripped the road was comforting. I felt in total control the whole time.

Then again on Tuesday, the Outlander Sport was put to the test and passed. The All Wheel Control made the trip to work and back home with ease. It's so comforting to know that you can make it safely, whatever the destination. So were you traveling around the past couple of days and realize that slipping and sliding around is no way to go?

Stop on by Matthews Mitsubishi at Planet PreOwned, 2100 Vestal Parkway East. Many people are happy that Mitsubishi is back in town. Mitsubishi has been in existence for nearly 100 years but it hadn't been in the Southern Tier for quite a while. You had to travel a hour for the nearest dealer...not anymore.

Matthews has asked me to test drive the 2014 Outlander Sport ES.  I had high expectations for it and it has surpassed them. They are so confident in Mitsubishi that they want you to win a 7 day test drive as well. They've been giving away one a week.  Congrats to our latest winner Mary Ann Diehl. Here she is with sales consultant Alan Mahakian.

The new Mitsubishi's start as low as $13,700. The Outlander that I've been driving gets 30 MPG. So it's affordable to buy and affordable to drive. I've noticed that gas prices are going up again, so it's great to have a Sport vehicle that gets such great gas mileage. It has one of the best warranty's in the industry, 10 year/100,000 miles.

Stop by Matthews Mitsubishi, check out their out Black Friday incentives, see the Mitsubishi that you are looking for and register to win a 7 day test drive experience. It's Thanksgiving and I'm thankful that Matthews has asked me to try out one of their vehicles. If you stop by, I'll think you'll be thankful that you did too.