It's the latest IPhone and it's due today.  They call internally by the code name N41.  It'll probably be called IPhone 5 or "the new IPhone."  It's supposed to have a different shpae with a larger screen and shell.  According to the Wall Street Journal,  it'll have new software, i06, with an upgraded version of Siri, new call-blocking features and a new digital coupon-and-passes service called Passbook.

Some IPhone users are worried that it'll be like Christmas when you already know what the presents are going to be.  However if they do like they have in the past,  I'm sure they held something back.  I mean who would have guessed Siri ahead of time.  I understand the new IPhone will be a measly 600 dollars.  Good luck to all of those who have been waiting for the new IPhone, I'm sure it will have been worth the wait.