Hey Rich Birdsall here! We've been recording our Top 5 singing thier hearts out all week for you, on video. We have some REALLY great talent in and out of our radio station's studio this week and I cannot wait to see how this all plays out. You and I have been on this journey for weeks now and I appreciate all of your help in narrowing our local talent down to our current contestants. Voting will begin shortly on this website and will continue until Wednesday evening. Please take the time to watch our contestants videos, taking your time to see how they act in front of the camera without an audience. Listen to them sing and make your choice. YOU will move three of these local contestants into the final round.I'm inviting you for FREE to come join us at Tioga Downs Casino for the final round! Come see the talent you picked sing and dance thier hearts out for the chance at being a country music star! It starts at 7:00pm at the casino. Come join us for the finally, Again FOR FREE! Thank you in advance for helping me make The Hawk Hitmaker Challenge such a great success!