So it has occurred to me that it is time to reveal last night's activities. We performed a ghost hunt at The Sherwood Inn in Greene NY! The new owner Don Dunlap graciously allowed us access to this location while it was closed. They are in the midst of remodeling the old hotel into an updated, upscale restaurant, bar and hotel. The plans look great but you know what renovation means to a spirit... CHANGE. Change makes them angry in most cases, But Don and family said they have not had any strange occurrences since they began renovation. We were expecting a slow night as the atmosphere of the Sherwood Inn was light and we had not heard or seen anything with or own ears or eyes. Until I started reviewing the audio... We have a few EVP's from this location already and I haven't even been able to get to the video footage yet!! I will post everything on this website as soon as I get done analyzing the footage. We caught great evidence so far. A spirit actually called out the first name of one of our team members! Exciting stuff! Again, I will post the results soon!