Halloween is Monday and the weather is looking good. The weather folk are calling for a partly cloudy sky and temps in the 50's.

So it looks good for trick or treating and the getting of candy. Not for myself but for my kids. Remember, it's all for the children.

We all love Reese Cups, Kit Kats and even Special Dark (my personal favorite).  But what about the Grossest?

The scientists (that's what I like to call them) from Yahoo Shopping have come up with the candy that will get you TPed or your windows soaped.

Body Parts Sushi: Eyeballs, fingers and ears on top of seaweed wrapped rice. Ahh, gourmet cannibalism.

Pick n lick: Dip a giant sugar cotton swab in globs of ear wax colored powder, more like "Ick and make me sick."

Forkz Candy Eyeballs: If you thought eating eyeballs is neat, then eating eyeballs with forks sticking out of them would be awesome.

French Fried Gummy Candy Fingers with Liquid Candy Blood: It's a new twist on finger food. It's human-shaped fingers put in a french fry box with packets of blood as a condiment, not exactly finger licking good.

So give me Snickers, Milky Way and especially your Special Dark bars and you won't get your house tricked and we'll have a happy Halloween.

[via Yahoo Shopping]