While on a few vacation days I decided to visit the NYS Fair. it's not that far of a drive and surprisingly, the parking wasn't horrible! it was $5.00 to park and I walked down the paved path into Gate 3. The fair as always had a lot to offer. There where a tone of vendors, everything from leather goods, more cowboy hats(like I need more),I love NY gear and food & drinks including .25 milk!

This fair really showcased New York heritage with cattle and horse drawn carriage shows. Mike Posner was on stage when I arrived which made Dinosaur BBQ a treat in more ways than one as the food court seats are within close ear shot to Chevy Court. I even took a minute to take in the horse drawn carriage show, Bandaloni The One Man Band, sea lion exhibit and the daily parade. The daily parade showcased bagpipers, police and fire from around the state and some of our elite military team and equipment! It was a great day. I recommend you take your family to this fair. Your children can pet livestock at the petting zoo and learn about the roots of New York State. Then you can take them to the midway to burn off the sugar from the cotton candy and chocolate milk!