The business mullet.  No, it's not another version of the horrible cut that touted "business in the front, party in the back."

The business mullet is a new fashion trend for guys that basically says "I'm formal, but I'm here to have a good time." The outfit consists of jeans with a sports jacket or even worse, a suit jacket with sneakers.

Sure, there are probably some people who can flawlessly pull off this look. Like an Italian model. Or Justin Timberlake.  But you are neither.

Maybe I’m being too harsh, so I’ll give a little leeway.  As long as the jacket fits well (that’s key!) and doesn’t look like you found it in your grandpa’s closet, wearing a SPORTS jacket with well fitting jeans and sneakers might look good.  If you've got a 24 pack of abs.

But just because you might have a 24 pack of abs, doesn't mean a suit jacket is an acceptable part of this outfit.  Please, for the love of humanity DO NOT pair a SUIT jacket with anything other than suit pants because it’ll just make you look like you found the jacket in a dumpster and needed to put it on because you were cold.

And if you're over the age of 35, please keep in mind that chances are very good the last time you wore your Pierre Cardin blazer or double breasted Hugo Boss jacket with jeans you were still a teen.  Everything looked good on you.  You are not a teen anymore.

When in doubt if the business mullet is the right look for you, ask a woman.