Getty Images- Christian Petersen

Well, the big game is today.  Kickoff is around 6:35 and I think the pre-game is going now (It's actually feels like it been going on since Sunday of last week.)  So who are you cheering for?  Do you have a bet (for entertainment purposes only of course) on the game?

Most people have a friendly wager. We know you can bet on who wins. There are many pools where you hope the right score comes up (at least the  last number that is.)  There is millions being bet legally in Las Vegas and probably billions being bet at the office, bar and homes.

In Las Vegas, we know that you can bet on the winner, who will score first and who will win the flip.  Here's other things that you may not have known that you can bet on (at least I've been told you can bet on.)

Let's start with Beyonce.  We know that she will sing during the halftime performance.  Here's is what you can bet on.  Will Beyonce sing her first song with a hand microphone or a headset?  Will Jay Z join her on stage?  Will Destiny's Child come on to join her?  You can even bet on, if she will show cleavage during her first song.  Here's a Beyonce side note: She made her debut performance in 2004 when she sang the National Anthem. You may not remember that debut but you probably remember the half time show when Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake made their debut....At least we probably remember the end and the beginning of the word "Wardrobe Malfunction."

Much has been talked about with the Harbaugh brothers.  Some are even calling it the Harbowl.  Here are things you can bet on.  Which Harbaugh brother will they show first after the National Anthem? How long is the handshake/hug between them after the game?  What color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning brother?  Which Harbaugh will be the first whose lips you can read saying a curse word?  Which one will throw a challenge flag that they have no chance of winning?  OK, I made the last one up.  But I would believe it, if it were true. You can even bet on how many times they show their Dad.

Finally, we know that you can bet on who will win the MVP.  Did you know that you can bet on who the MVP will thank first?  As for me, I bet that the game will be a letdown and the commercials will be better than last year.  It's not a bet that I can really win anything at but the only thing I lose is my time.