The End of the football season is filled with great food, friends, football and COMMERCIALS!! Some of you watch the big game for the commercials alone.
"USA Today" has released a list of The Top 25 "Big Game" Ads of the Past 24 Years.  They took the BEST commercial from each year . . . and ranked them.

The #1 spot went to the McDonald's commercial from 1993, where MICHAEL JORDAN and LARRY BIRD played a crazy game of horse for a Big Mac. You can find on YouTube.  Notice that it has over 5 MILLION views:


The runner-up also starred Michael.  It was the Nike commercial from 1992, where Michael played basketball with Bugs Bunny. It planted the seed for the "Space Jam" movie, which came out four years later.


Coming in 25th, the "worst of the best," was the 2007 Budweiser ad with the crabs that worship the Budweiser cooler.

The rest of the Top 25, with a link to a video and brief write-up, is posted at