I was talking to my 25-year-old sister the other day and she told me she’d looked in the mirror that morning and realized that she was starting to look like me. I remember when that happened to me, but the person in the mirror looking back at me was my Mom.

For me, I was about 30 when I really noticed that I wasn’t just starting to look like my Mom, but I was turning into her too, which is pretty funny because I remember being a teen and stomping my feet and telling her I would never under any circumstance end up like her. Ha-the joke was on me!

NetMums researched such things and found out that the average person starts turning into their parents at the age of 32. It takes buying a home and having kids to speed up the process of turning into our parents.

Now, while most people surveyed say they turned into their parents at the age of 32, 10% said they felt like they crossed over and turned into their parents at the age of 25.

My little sister, Mom and I will all be together Saturday as we’re having a family baby shower for my sister so I’ll see if I can get a picture of the three of us together so you can decide if we all look like we’re morphing into one.