Now that Halloween has come and gone, it's on to the next holiday:  Thanksgiving. When you think Thanksgiving, you think 'turkey.' If you need help, then the Butterball Hotline is there. In fact, it started this week.  My reaction to all of this:

5) If you have a phone that has voice control and you say 'turkey,' make sure it doesn't call the ObamaCare Healthcare hotline instead

4) For the first time, they're using men to answer the phones at the Butterball Hotline. To make it more manly, the men are calling it the Butterball Badda Boom Hotline

3) If you get a man and tell him you want to talk turkey, he might start talking about the NY Giants....I know they are playing better but they're still behind Washington

2) If you're like my sister Michelle and try to stuff the turkey with popcorn so that you can have popped popcorn at the same time, you might want to call the Butterball Hotline

1) If you're wondering: "Is it okay to thaw my turkey in the bathtub while bathing the kids? Or If I cut my turkey with a chainsaw, will the oil affect the taste? ... Don't call - just eat out!