We've all heard by now that this upcoming season will be the last for Derek Jeter. He's given us many memories on the field. He gave me, my son and Dad a very special memory on July 9th, 2011.

That was the day that we took a bus trip to NYC for the NY/Tampa Bay game. It was a trip through church so we had the tickets months before the game.

When we got the tickets for the trip, my son Devon asked if we would be there for Derek's 3,000 hit. I said only if Derek got hurt.  Sure enough, a couple days later he got hurt. We may have jinxed him but it worked out for us.

The night before, the Yankee game was rained out and I thought that 3 hits on 7/9 would be too many. On that day, he provided the moments and memories like only he can. He got his 3,000 hit with a home run.

He was only the 2nd player ever to hit a home run for his 3,000. The other was another player not known for home runs, Wade Boggs. He went 5 for 5. His 5th hit drove in the winning run.

It was a great day even without the milestone. It was a chance for the 3 of us to spend some guy time together at a baseball game. I got to get my Sabretts (dirty dog) at one of the hot dog stands....I always do that when I go to the City.

Derek, you will obviously be missed by Yankee and non-Yankee fans. You did it with class and without controversy. Thanks for a great day on 7/9/11. I know it was memorable for both of us.