We live in such a cold and cynical world, so when I hear stories like this, my heart warms up and I feel like there's hope for the future.

A group of students are going above and beyond to show their respect for homeless military veterans by volunteering their time to act as pallbearers and provide them a proper send-off.

The students are volunteers in a program called the Dignity Memorial Network's Homeless Veterans Program, which provides veterans with a proper funeral including a casket and a burial. The teens actually volunteer their time to serve as pallbearers, which is simply astounding.

More than 50 students at the all-boys University of Detroit Jesuit School volunteered to participate in the first of the funerals earlier this month.

Nick Bendetto is a 17-year-old student volunteer and said,  "I know that these people had loved ones and, whether or not these loved ones could be there to say goodbye, it does not change the fact that everyone deserves a proper burial.