They say that it's never too late to apologize and I guess this proves that to be true.

The  Patriot-News of Central Pennsylvania has apologized for dissing Abraham Lincoln's historic Gettysburg Address just in time for the speech's 150-year anniversary.

That's right- the newspaper known as the Patriot & Union 150 years ago called Lincoln's speech "silly" at the time. But on Thursday, they offered an apology that read:

"In an editorial about President Abraham Lincoln’s speech delivered November 19th, 1863, in Gettysburg, the Patriot & Union failed to recognize its momentous importance, timeless eloquence, and lasting significance The Patriot-News regrets the error.”

Filmmaker Ken Burns, recognizing the importance of the Gettysburg Address was able to round out all five living presidents and celebs like Taylor Swift, Usher, Uma Thurman, Robin Roberts and a whole bunch of others to recite Lincoln's famous words in a video.  The video is part of the Learn the Address project, which encourages Americans to record a video of themselves reciting the speech.

Take a peek: