As many of you know, I have a 8 year old daughter Tara.  She makes me proud every day.  She gave me a rock with eyes glued on it for Father's Day.  On the card, she wrote "You Rock" and she told me that I am her Rock. Today I found something else out.

In her class notables book she was voted class Mathlete and she wants to join a science club next year.  I think that's fantastic.  I think it's awesome that she wants to join because math and science fields need more girls.

She also told me recently that she wants to join the Drama Club next year and be in plays.  She's always putting on plays and puppet shows for us at home. In fact, at our last yard sale, she was putting on puppet shows for the people that were there.  She got 25 cents from everyone for her performance.  She made about 5 bucks from me alone.

I have NO idea where she got the entertainment bug.......No really, I have no idea. So congrats on being named "Mathlete" and I couldn't be prouder.