If you've listened to the radio the last 2 mornings, then you know that I've been a little under the weather. I woke up this morning still under the weather, but this brought a smile to my face instantly.

I took a shower hoping that it would help, it did a little. I got dressed and when I went to put on my glasses, there it was....A hand made card from Tara. That made me feel a lot better. It's another example of things that our kids do that put smiles on our face. When ya have a hard day at work or a coach that doesn't seem to agree with your calls, your children can make it seem so insignificant.

They have a great way of putting things into proper perspective. They are happy if we are just there. Whether its a smile, hug or just listen to them talk about what's going on in their lives. In the words of the Oak Ridge Boys that's perfect this time of year, Thank God For Kids.  Ironically enough, she is sick today, hope i didn't give it to you.