I just heard the Darius Rucker song "It won't be like this for long."  It made me think how fast time flies.  All parents will tell you it goes by so fast.  I can't believe that my daughter Tara is 8 already and in 3rd grade.

So she has do do a project about the Iroquois Indian and she has to make a "Iroquois Longhouse."  So let me get this straight.  They are asking an 8 year old to create a Longhouse and oh yeah, neatness and creativity count.  So what I'm hearing is, how creative and neat are your parents. If it was left to just me, the teacher really would have thought Tara did it all by herself.  So this is what we did.

Tara was the creative design and detail person.  Everything you see in the picture was the way she described it to us.  She came up with the firewood  and the wooden basket.  Dawn was the assembler, she did the gluing of the bark on the roof, the tongue depressor fences and mossy ground.

I think it turned out wonderfully and she got many compliments and praise on a job well done (Tara that is.)  It's moments like these that we look back on and smile. Oh, what was my role in this project......I was the gatherer.  The tree bark, moss and plastic Iroquois, that's my part......Enjoy, because it won't be like this for long.