So Tara (my daughter) and I were outside playing on the trampoline(in the hail and sunshine.)  She saw an old sign hanging on the playhouse and asked where I got it.  I said a junkyard. Tara said, I've never been to a junkyard and would like to go and see one. I told her that I don't know any local junkyards, but I could take her to something better.  How about an auto recycling center.  So off to Gary's U-Pull It we went.

I had just planned on walking around and showing her what it looked like.  I want to thank Adam. I told him that I just wanted to look around and show a 7 year old girl what a junkyard (auto recycling center) looks like. He asked if we'd like to go on a tour, so we put on a hard hat and off we went.  He explained how everything worked and Tara was surprised that they had a schoolbus to take people to various areas of the yard. Tara had a wonderful time and even learned a little bit about recycling.  Adam even gave her a cool Garys U-Pull It hat to take with her when the tour was done.

On the way home, Tara commented what a weird and wonderful day it was.  We played in the hail and the sun on a trampoline, she learned about recycling and we stopped and had chocolate nuts on the way home (but that will be a different story for a different day.)  Not a bad way to spend a day.