This month, Traci and I have been celebrating No Shave November. I haven't shaved my face and Traci hasn't shaved her legs.  We are bringing to light the rarer forms of cancer. My daughter Tara wanted to participate as well.

We've highlighted Epithelioid Sarcoma, Glioblastoma and Myelofibrosis so far. I hope you'll take the time to check out these rare forms of cancer.

When I started doing this at the beginning of November, Tara asked how she could help out this month. I told her "Not a whole lot, at least for a couple of years." Last night she was taking her bath and she told me that she could finally help. This is how she did it.

She has such a awesome heart of wanting to help people. If she hears that someone isn't feeling well, she'll draw them a picture. She's given some of her Halloween candy to her brother Devon.  She even has a jar in her room that she puts money in for charity.

I'm jealous, her beard looks better than mine.